From its first backpack in 1974, Osprey has only designed and manufactured products to the highest quality, ensuring that every bag made is built to last a long time. Osprey's drive and passion for outstanding quality is equally matched to their dedication to protecting and conserving our natural environment; which is why Osprey only uses expensive materials to minimise waste and uses recyclable and recycled materials in their packaging. Ospreys products are not over-produced or fashion-driven, which encourages customers to not replace their products before they are worn out, and wherever possible, Osprey will repair warranty products rather than replace them. Our specially selected Osprey range includes the Osprey Transporter Backpack, Osprey Archeon Backpack, Osprey Archeon Hiking Backpack and the Osprey Daylite Duffel Bag, each one expertly designed to enhance your next journey into the great outdoors.