Born and raised in Finland, Kristian Tapaninaho loved making pizzas, so he searched for the perfect wood-fired pizza oven to create a traditional flavour. When he failed to find the perfect oven, he set out to design the best portable and inexpensive ovens on the market. In 2012, Kristian and his wife Darina launched the Ooni, Finnish for oven, on Kickstarter with a portable design and wood-fired flavour, leading them to achieve 220% of their funding and inspiring the worldwide pizza community. Combining sleek stainless steel with portable designs, Ooni’s wood fired ovens are created to be movable with detachable features and a small size. Affordable wood pellets heat up the oven in 10 minutes, and you can cook artisan pizzas in just a minute, making these the perfect party and barbecue pieces. Enjoy traditional pizzas and food made the Finnish way with Ooni ovens here on Blackleaf.