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Designed to become a part of yourself- a second skin. Nudie Jeans are to be broken in over time and are subsequently made for a lifetime of wear. The jeans are crafted on the basis of the brand’s dedication to acting sustainably both in terms of the environment and social welfare. In 2012, the brand switched to cutting all its designs from 100% organic cotton and the brand works closely with the Fair Wear Foundation to ensure safe and ethical working conditions are upkept across the whole line of production. Essentially, Nudie Jeans are advocating a smarter way to consume, and here at Blackleaf, we can assure you that the brand encapsulates the future of clothing consumption. As well as all this, we must not bypass the timelessness of each pair of Nudie jeans, which always outlives short-lived trend-led designs. Invest today, love forever!