Klean Kanteen Bottles

Think back to a time when the only option for a portable drink was from a plastic bottle or aluminium lined canister; it probably tasted of plastic or metal, ruined the drink and made you not want to take a sip. But quietly in the background, a revolutionary new product was being created to allow people to make a choice and today, the Klean Kanteen Bottle has changed the way we enjoy our drinks. This innovative water bottle started life on the market in 2004 and became the perfect solution to the environmental issues with plastic waste which were coming to light. BPA free, toxic-free and environmentally friendly as well as being a premium quality durable alternative to a flimsy plastic bottle, Klean Kanteen's bottles are available from us at Blackleaf in a range of sizes, styles and shapes to suit your food and drink storage needs for any outdoors lifestyle.