K-Way Clothing

Many innovations come from a mixture of necessity and need much like the brand K-Way when in Paris in the mid-sixties company founder Leon-Claude Duhamel noticed everyone rushing around trying to avoid getting soaked by the downpour to no avail and his light, compact, packable and waterproof jacket made from nylon was born. The first K Way Rain Jackets were so successful over a quarter of a million were sold and now a whole range of packable macs, windbreakers and trench coats all made to protect you from the elements without adding much extra weight to carry around making them perfect for the outdoors lifestyle. Here at Blackleaf we carry the premium K-Way range of waterproof jackets so you too can enjoy the ease of carrying a lightweight coat made with high quality and sleek style that you can wear at a moments notice when the weather turns.

  1. K-Way Le Vrai Leon 3.0 Windproof Jacket - Greenfluo


    K-Way Le Vrai Leon 3.0 Windproof Jacket - Greenfluo

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