Hennessy Hammocks

The innovation behind the Hennessy Hammocks brand started when company founder Tom Hennessy needed to create a replacement for his old WWII surplus Army Jungle Hammock and after many prototypes the first Hennessy Hammock was born. The traditional hammock shape was replaced by a diamond with the fabric being directly attached to the suspending ropes for a greater interior surface area, plus a ridge line created support and meant each Hennessy Hammock would retain its curve on setting up. This unique premium design resulted in the rainfly and hammock able to be closed on entry without a zip and secured with an overlapping seal for plenty of comfort. In recent years the quality Hennessy Hammocks, available with us at Blackleaf.com have expanded to include a number of models and styles for a range of outdoors lifestyles, plus other products such as insulation, cookware and handy Hammock Accessories for a complete camping experience.


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