The original idea behind the Handpresso brand was to create a portable, hand-held espresso machine so that it would be simple to have a hot cup anywhere in the world but with a quality to match that of the best machines around. In 2008 after two years of design the Handpresso Wild was released and quickly became a leader in premium portable espresso machines. In the years’ since, Handpresso have evolved from their slogan of ‘Espresso Anywhere’ through further innovation to not only manufacture hand held espresso machines but various types of other long and short coffee to suit Java lovers everywhere. In addition to the immensely successful Handpresso Pump style of portable espresso machine, there is both electric and manual Handpresso coffee machines that meet the needs of any outdoors lifestyle. A Handpresso Auto Coffee system even allows for simple and easy espresso to be brewed while on the road. Enjoy coffee no matter where you are with the Handpresso collection here at Blackleaf.com today.