Feuerhand Lanterns

Feuerhand has a long history in hurricane lantern manufacturing that stretches back over a century to the 1870s when Hermann Nier, one of the brothers who founded the brand made lanterns and other metalwork products from the plumber’s workshop he ran. In 1893, he and brother Ernst Nier founded a place for solely producing lanterns. By 1902, the brothers had started their own factory under the name ‘Hermann Nier Feuerhandwerk’ and filed a patent for their unique innovative methods of manufacturing hurricane lanterns. From 1914 through to the outbreak of the Second World War, the name Feuerhand, and Firehand became trademarks and the premium Feuerhand Baby series of hurricane lanterns became a global success. Post-war, the Nier family was forced to move and set up their business again in Hohenlockstedt, where the Feuerhand company still resides today. Since 1989 the Feuerhand Baby Special 276 lantern is the only model they have produced, but have done so in a range of styles, quality plating and more due to the tried and tested design. Wherever the outdoor lifestyle takes you, light the way with Feuerhand Lanterns here at Blackleaf.


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