Doughnut Backpacks

Throughout the past decade Doughnut has grown from a backpack maker with the aim of ‘integrating fashion and functionality’ to an outdoor lifestyle gear brand with an extensive collection of bags suited to all walks of life. Doughnut Bags are designed with the highest quality, entirely premium materials and the brand’s own style for something that is truly unique. Outdoor adventures with continual innovation and development process through new design ideas and materials has led to Doughnut backpacks that compliment a modern way of life, with each new product being further on Doughnut’s quest for complete perfection. All of the function and practical organisation options you could wish for are thought of in Doughnut packs along with premium, durable fabrics and constructions that feel comfortable and secure fitting when worn. Available at Blackleaf, Doughnut Backpacks are the next step in packing your dream anywhere the next adventure into the unknown will take you.

  1. Doughnut Colorado Accents Series Backpack - Charcoal X White


    Doughnut Colorado Accents Series Backpack - Charcoal X White

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