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Bring a group of people together with a language barrier and they'll come up with a solution, so when native Hawaiians, Europeans and Japanese found themselves without any way of communicating in Hawaii, Hawaiian Pidgin English came to life. Dakine UK is just that, a combination of different needs and finding a common solution, while being unapologetically Hawaiian, laid back and personifying the spirit of surf culture. Furthermore Da Kine roughly translates as 'the best' what more can you say? Dakine was born in 1979 when Rob Kaplan manufactured the Da Kine Leash in Maui, since then, the brand has been making the highest quality and most innovative products and technical accessories for sporting professionals for over 25 years. One of the scene's most stylish brands, Dakine holds everything you could want to carry; your gear and your spirit. With an extensive range of premium products including Dakine rucksacks and backpacks, Dakine luggage and gear bags perfect for lugging snow equipment around, spread the love and island spirit with your stylish bags. The versatility of Dakine Bags makes them popular at Blackleaf and our customers use theirs for every aspect of the outdoors lifestyle you can imagine, from skating and parkour through to snow and ski and even a challenging daily commute.


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