With over 50 years of expert knowledge, it is no wonder why Craghoppers is now recognised as a global outdoor and adventure travel specialist. From its humble beginnings in West Yorkshire, Craghoppers was founded by two ambitious walkers who required technical clothing to improve their outdoor experience and keep them on the trail for longer. By constantly enhancing designs and discovering new techniques and technologies, Craghoppers can continuously provide their loyal customers with increasingly improved clothing that is more waterproof, lightweight, insulating, and sun-protective than the last. Through this constant desire to develop, Craghoppers are the world leader in outdoor pants, creating a NosiLife collection that provides permanent and trustworthy protection against biting insects and the diseases they spread. Explore our range of Craghoppers backpacks, waterproof jackets, fleeces, t-shirts and more, and begin to understand why Craghoppers are the go-to choice for travellers and adventurers alike.