It was back in 1977 when Jake Burton decided that his job in the finance industry was boring, quit, and then moved to Vermont that Burton Snowboards was born and between making prototypes, testing them on the southern Vermont hills and working a bar job at night, he settled on a design and sold a few of his first board; the Burton Backhill. From here the brand has grown into one of the most recognised and respected snowboard names in the world. From premium quality, reliable and environmentally responsible snowboards to stylish yet fully functional snowboarding apparel and luggage Burton Snowboarding has been at the top of its game since the early days. Where Burton stands out is in its ethos; firmly believing that the best thing for the sport is to work towards sustainability and innovation which is everything that Burton aims to achieve. At Blackleaf we have an array of Burton backpacks, snowboard bags, tents and accessories to accompany any outdoors lifestyle.