Barts Headwear

Few brands live by the saying; 'Do things right or don't do them at all,' most will have a try and come up with something half-hearted but be quite happy with it, Barts however are different, they know what they are good at and stick with it proud in the knowledge that nobody does it better. Barts Accessories started life back in 1986 when Bart Koene established a business manufacturing and selling beach shorts, but while working in France he became bored and decided to take to the road. Travel inspired innovation became success which turned into expansion and soon Barts was a focussed label that concentrated on producing top quality outdoors lifestyle accessories like their premium Barts Headwear mixed with plenty of style. This is the Barts we know and love today and the fantastic collection of scarves, gloves and Barts beanie hats available at Blackleaf continues to grow in popularity.


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