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Get a bunch of friends together that all love to surf, ride dirt bikes and generally have a laugh, and eventually you're going to get a few ideas thrown about. But most of the time, those ideas come from a few drinks and are usually forgotten about within a few hours. But for a group of buddies in San Clemente, California, that original idea back in 1999 turned into a reality that today we know as Von Zipper.

Leaving nothing on the drawing board and following their innovative ideas and designs through to manufacturing, Von Zipper's unique approach has helped them to grow. It didn't take long for Von Zipper to become one of the most popular sunglasses brands on the market thanks to their unique products and novel advertising campaigns. Von Zipper sunglasses has now gained a cult following within the surf, skate and snow scene with top athletes and sports personalities getting in on the action too. Von Zipper sunglasses is now recognised as one of the leading brands in fashion sunglasses with iconic styles such as the Von Zipper Rockfords, Von Zipper Papa G, Von Zipper Rhombus and the Von Zipper Brodie among the favourites on sale. For the snowboarding community, VonZipper Goggles mean you look hot in the sun and cool on the slopes. Whatever your venture, Von Zipper will give you the edge.

You always need to be fully prepared out on the slopes with the best equipment at hand you can trust, but you don't have to compromise style to get it. Von Zipper are a global icon, known for their excellent quality products and iconic designs always at the forefront in bringing the globe the best in eyewear. Review the new range of Von Zipper Snowboard Goggles featuring the Von Zipper Sizzle Goggles, the Von Zipper Beefy Goggles, Von Zipper Feenom Goggles and the Von Zipper Skylab Goggles all perfect for being out on the snow and keeping your vision safe and clear down the slopes.

So if you are heading for the snow and looking for Von Zipper Ski Goggles then look no further than Blackleaf.com