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With the hugely popular barefoot revolution making massive strides in both the fitness and fashion footwear worlds, it's hard to believe that the pioneers of this fantastic movement only launched back in 2003. Vivo Barefoot developed the first and only range of minimalist footwear with puncture resistant soles and from there their collection has grown into one of the most sought after and most reliable true barefoot experience shoes available on the market.

Unlike other brands that claim to offer a real barefoot running experience, Vivo Barefoot Shoes really do give you the closest relationship to the ground you're treading on. Vivo Shoes don't use any cushioning in their footwear, and because 70% of your brain's information for movement comes from the nerves on the soles of your feet, your awareness of your surroundings is massively improved with Vivo Barefoot trainers and sandals. Not only that, Vivo Barefoot also create their products sustainably with recycled materials and in an eco-friendly manufacturing process. Go back to nature, go barefoot with Vivo.