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Vibram Five Fingers answer a question that no-one had thought to ask. Vibram's revolutionary footwear was developed to allow runners to experience the freedom of barefoot running whilst retaining the safety of Vibram rubber sole technology. Vibram 5 fingers is still known around the world as the undisputed leader in soling technology for a wide range of quality performance footwear, and with the Vibram Five Fingers range they've developed a product that is as versatile as it is revolutionary.

With a range of styles that are designed specifically for Running, Mountain climbing, watersports and Travel and Trek, Vibram Five Fingers are built to suit you, whatever your requirements. The Patented rubber sole gives fantastic grip whatever the conditions, yet remains flexible to hug the contours of your feet as they flex. Some scientific study has been done into the benefits of barefoot running over traditional shod running, and it seems to suggest that Vibram five fingers could significantly reduce the chances of getting a running related injury.

Running is a sport you either love or hate, and for a lot of people, pounding the pavement in a pair of spongy trainers isn't the most riveting thing you can do to pass your days. But thanks to Vibram, running got fun! Five fingers are the most eye catching Vibram Barefoot Shoes you'll ever find. Fit like a glove for the feet, Vibram 5 Fingers have taken the world by storm and given runners a new way of looking at their sport. But for those that don't run, Vibram Five Finger shoes are great way to get into it. Regular runners may be set in their ways and strike the pavement in a way they always have done but barefoot running is different. A wider range of muscles are worked and it has been shown to help improve strength and balance because the feet need to work harder.