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Make a bold statement in a world where smaller technology and gadgets rule over the big and bulky, and enjoy functionality as is should be with a watch that answers all the questions you're going to ask. Some people say there's no need for a watch these days, but tell that to a diver, a climber or an extreme mountain bike enthusiast who's last thought is to reach into their bag or pocket for a mobile phone, only to tap away at buttons searching for the answer. Suunto Watches at provide all the answers in one swift look at their face.

More than just a watch, Suunto bike watches include features such as altimeters and compasses, and even GPS locators to help you pinpoint your location at any point during a ride. Suunto Ambit and Core watches are one of the most sought after and versatile watches and the perfect safety companion when hiking, camping or climbing. Combining aesthetics and functionality, the Core enjoys contemporary design and sport-specific computers with Suunto heritage to bring a product to outdoor and sports enthusiasts that analyzes and improves performance on every level.

With a number of firsts under their belt, Suunto has a long line of products that have broken the mould. Suunto Lumi is the first female outdoor instrument specifically made for women by women, and both the Suunto Core and Suunto Ambit have won prestigious design awards. Combining award-winning design elements with a functionality that is respected as used by diving, training, mountaineering, hiking, skiing, sailing and golf professionals and amateurs worldwide, Suunto offers more than a watch, they offer a complete technical solution.