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Back in 1997 in Morgan Hill, California; Shift came into the motorcycling and motocross scene offering something a little different. They decided to make the highest quality clothing for the motocross market on and off the tracks that is stylish as well as durable that constantly fits the evolving unique styles and needs of the culture and lifestyle it was founded in.

Since then Shift has cemented themselves as a global name for Motocross and Bike Gear producing premium quality Shift Clothing that can take a beating while you're on the tracks but also maintain the height of style and trends within the Motocross community as well as casual wear for when you're chilling at home. Shift have also a champion team of riders how are constantly helping to innovate and showcase new designs for even more superior gear.

With a clear intention of producing the best possible MX Clothing; Shift have mastered the art of durable and stylish clothing with Shift Hats, Shift Hoodies, Shift Jerseys, Shift Pants and more here at at the cheapest prices online.