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Quiksilver Clothing & Accessories >

Waves, mountains and everything in-between, Quiksilver is the brand that will try anything and take them all on. Originating in surf city of the US - Huntington Beach, California in 1976 by two young surfers, Quiksilver has grown at epic proportions and is now the world's largest surf and extreme sports apparel companies. The logo says it all - the surf and the mountains and helps the brand stick to its roots of having no fear and enjoying the elements with a laid back attitude - an image that's projected across the entire range of the extensive Quiksilver collection.

Quiksilver clothing available at was designed with the surfer at the forefront, a vision that has produced athletic, comfortably stylish and impeccably cool clothing that reflects its audience perfectly. When you wear Quiksilver, you're in the club with serious surfers, skaters and risk-takers that love to live life to the full. Quiksilver clothing is colourful, laid back and cool, boasting the most stylish t-shirts, cosy Quiksilver hoodies, fantastic fitting Quiksilver jeans and a range of awesome accessories such as Quiksilver bags and purses and scarves and beanies. There's no denying it's one of the world's best-selling brands and no surprises, a best-seller at

Sponsoring a team of 600 athletes throughout the world, all the best at what they do, backing high-profile events and even hold its own world-renowned and respected surf competition, Quiksilver is a brand that needs no introduction.