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In 1996 a group of Skaters teamed up with a simple ideal - to create a shoe that fit their needs on the streets. Spurred on the combined innovation with technical knowledge to envision and produce a new type of Skate shoe that met the requirements of professional and amateur Skaters alike: The D3. Perfectly filling the void in the market and combining technical aspects with functional desires: Osiris Shoes were born. Perfect for performing stunts and tricks on your board being made thicker for more durability and stability that other skate shoes dont provide as well as featuring neon colour schemes that echo the skate culture in the 1990's. The new Osiris Trainers like the Osiris NYC 83 Shoes, Osiris Pixel Shoes and Osiris JOS1 Shoes are must haves for skaters who want a better ride or want a nostalgic trip.

More often than not new designs and styles for footwear are fresh and new and something special no one has seen before, but every now and again a retro style comes back because it can't be improved on. With the recognition and respect of the Skating community behind them Osiris swiftly built a name for directly meeting their needs. Putting the unique style and desire of each Team Member into each pair of Osiris Shoe set them apart from other brands, earning them a place in the global market.

With the spark of innovation driving them forward; Osiris diversified into bringing their unique approach to other action sports, resulting in Trainers and Shoes with apparel and accessories to suit everyone's individual styles. Buy cheap Osiris Shoes, Trainers and T-shirts at