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Ortlieb started life as a simple need: to keep essentials from getting wet when out cycling, so in 1981 Hartmut Ortlieb decided enough was enough and started hand making waterproof panniers. A year later Ortlieb was founded and swiftly began mass producing Ortlieb Panniers to meet the high demand for his exceptional 100% waterproof product utilising the innovation of welding the seams together.

Over a quarter of a century on and Ortlieb are a superior global brand used by cyclists, bike riders, outdoor adventurers and people going to the shops on a rainy day. Ortlieb has set the benchmark for all other brands in highly functional and waterproof gear by keeping the same goal: to allow people who actively spend their leisure time in nature to feel independent from the weather. Ortlieb have many innovative design features patented like their tight seal closure systems, roll closures, waterproof zips, Velcro and sliding seal closures to bring unrivalled waterproofing.

From Ortlieb Drybags, Ortlieb Bike Panniers, Ortlieb Bike Backpacks to Ortlieb Hiking Rucksacks to cover all of your outdoor adventures and excursions you can buy these exceptional Ortlieb Bags here at Blackleaf.com at cheap prices.