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Nike Snowboarding Clothing, formally known as Nike 6.0 is the cutting edge of snowboarding apparel. With a mission to inspire snowboarders around the world with premium products for shredding powder, Nike Snowboarding brings you the most innovative, stylish and sought after threads on the snow scene.

Everyone's got their favourite brand, but how frustrating is it when you love a brand but they don't have the products you need for the sports you're currently loving. When Nike decided to release their Nike 6.0 range for action sports, Nike lovers everywhere breathed a sigh of relief that they wouldn't have to turn elsewhere. Today, the brand is still breaking boundaries and giving young extreme sports lovers the gear they need. But the brand that was formally Nike 6.0 is getting a new name: Recognising that more and more extreme sports fans were in need of athletic gear that met all the requirements of their sport, the Nike Snowboarding brand delivers where its needed most in technical brilliance and awesome design. Get Nike Snowboarding Jackets, Snowboarding Pants, Base Layers and Nike Ski Jackets in the latest styles online at

Like the bigger Nike brand, Nike Snowboarding Apparel takes the best elements of sporting gear and puts its own unique identity on them exactly how the Nike 6.0 brand originally intended to be. Slipping on an extra layer when the colder weather comes in can often leave you feeling a bit fed up, knowing that it's like this for the best part of half a year now. But when that extra layer is super stylish, comfortable and perfectly equipped to handle a chilly autumn and winter it soon turns around. At were getting the latest winter jackets into stock and looking forward to a colourful and pretty good looking cold weather season thanks to awesome brands including Nike Snowboarding.