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In the late 90's Brian Deegan and Larry Linkogle got together and decided to form an MX team. But far from being like any other team, the Metal Mulisha would become the most recognised Freestyle Motocross team in the world constantly winning medals, breaking world records and going that bit harder and further than any other MX riders you'll ever see. Metal Mulisha started life as a couple of friends competing against each other to pull the best and most daring tricks, but a winning streak in competitions like the X Games has seen the name and the brand grow and grow. The Metal Mulisha clothing line came soon after in 1999 and helped to spread the teams message and daring designs throughout the Motocross industry so whenever you see the Metal Mulisha logo, you know you're dealing with someone that's not afraid to push themselves to the limit. At we stock Metal Mulisha Tees, Hoodies and Metal Mulisha Caps and loads more, all available at the cheapest prices online.