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Coming from the extreme scooter scene in Australia, Grit Scooters emerged onto the scene to respond to a need - the need for quality scooters with a budget to suit everyone. At we've got all the latest from this new and exciting brand.

Grit Scooters are different to other brands because they take their inspiration and advice from the people that ride them. Team riders constantly give feedback on how Grit can make improvements to their push scooters and from here, Grit crams technology into each of its scooters and parts to bring riders the most advanced selection of products in the push scooter market. Using the best raw materials, computer aided design techniques and dedication to offering scooters that stay ahead of the game, Grit Stunt Scooters are up there with the big players.

When Grit arrived at Blackleaf we knew that they'd be a big hit with scooter fans and extreme riding enthusiasts, but we didn't expect them to quickly grow into one of our best sellers. After a short space of time Grit Stunt Scooters have gone from the new guys to the must have brands of scooters around.

Hailing from Australia, Grit has emerged as a key player on the scooter scene with more and more young people turning to the brand for durability, style and hardware that's going to last. Our biggest sellers are the awesome Grit Extremist scooter and the Grit Mayhem scooter, but not only can you get the cheapest Grit scooter prices with us, we also offer a great choice of Grit parts including Grit bars, wheels and forks.