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Thrift stores, fashion and love - combine the three and you'll end up with something that's both appealing and eye-catching. That's exactly what happened when after a day of shopping around thrift stores in 2003, Carla and Daniel Hogg discovered a collection of Antique Fawns and the idea for a brand of feminine and delicate clothing that rivalled the high fashion alternatives was born. Today, Gentle Fawn lives by its original intentions and has become one of the most dynamic and creative women's brands available.

Original since day one, Gentle Fawn Clothing takes on all the advantages of high street fashion including a loyal customer base and a great choice of gear, and combines it with function and quality that others simply cannot match. With Gentle Fawn you're never stood outside in a coat that doesn't do its job, enjoying a night with the girls in a dress that's about to fall apart or walking to work with a bag that's broken - Gentle Fawn Clothing and Accessories at give you so much more.