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Established back in the 1970's, Fox MX has been making a mark in the history books since day one. Physics professor, Geoff Fox founded the company with a vision to supply European Motocross parts and accessories and so set up his small distribution company, but it wasn't long before Fox was making the move into bigger and better realms. Fox established his own professional Motocross team and, competing against the major Japanese racing teams, began winning and bringing his brand into the spotlight not only for his achievements but his race outfits! These eye catching designs were handmade and stood out against others on the race circuit. From here the Fox Head logo gained notoriety and today, that same logo is the one that is catching the eyes of Motocross racers and fans worldwide.

The brand is still run by Fox's children in California and maintains the same vision is started with - to design and manufacture the best riding gear for race fans on the bike and off the bike. With an impressive selection of casual clothing and racing apparel available, Fox Racing clothing is wearable and packed with style and attitude that says you're ready for the race. From Fox Racing hoodies and T-shirts to Fox racing bags and shoes, this is a brand that has got it all - style, quality and comfort.

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