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DVS Skate Shoes at Blackleaf.com

When you have a look at some of the skate shoes available in the shops and online, you might stop and think 'what happened?' a lot of brands are now reverting to trendy styles that might not be the best for skating but hey, they look good right? Maybe so, but back in the day when skate shoes were chunky, supportive and adequate you could easily pull a pair out and say 'these are the best shoes I've ever owned; and now you can do it again thanks to the old school styling of Blackleaf.com has one of the largest selections of skateboarding apparel and they are known for their durability, style, comfort and affordability. DVS skate trainers are great not only for skateboarders but also anyone who just wants a pair of comfortable shoes. They were founded in 1995 by Tim Gavin and Kevin Dunlap. DVS trainers draws its shoe and clothing designs from the style and personalities of its team riders, covering a diverse range of products with the individual needs of riders dictating design.

The DVS Riders team has now expanded and includes skateboarders, snowboarders, motocross riders, and surfers. The DVS team includes the best riders in action sports today like Daewon Song, Steve Berra, Kerry Getz and Torey Pudwill. The skate team puts all of their products to hardcore tests before they will even consider putting their name on a product - ensuring a high quality result every time. DVS shoes feature advanced shoe technology such as the Bruise Control cushioning systems, 100% recyclable ECOTRUE materials and CGT allowing riders to maintain grip in all weathers. DVS trainers creates premium performance DVS sale shoes, DVS clothing for all board sports.

They originally made mens skateboard shoes, but today they have expanded their footwear line with DVS womens shoes, kids shoes, and toddlers shoes. Shoe models are no longer restricted to skateboarding, they now include sandals, slippers, and fashion-based designs.