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Born in Irvine, CA in the US; Analog came from a need to seamlessly merge the cultures of Skateboarding, Surfing and Snowboarding to create a visionary brand of clothing for the Action Sports market, whilst maintaining its trademark goal to push the boundaries of creativity and design.

Analog's key ideal has always been to ignore the boundaries and press innovation to the limit, always merging modern looks, with classic styles and innovative graphics; Analog brings fresh ideas to the subcultures that continue to push the limits in sport, creating a perfect unification between them.

From Analog's origins at the beach, to its foundations in cities across the globe; Analog keeps you covered from T-Shirts for Surfing in, to Outdoor Gear to keep you warm and still looking cool on your Snowboard without compromising individuality and keeping symbiosis with Analog's unique brand. Now you can buy the latest creations from Analog to make your own statement Skating, Surfing and Snowboarding here at